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PostSubject: David Costello   David Costello I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 31, 2013 7:53 pm

Appearance (night time):

Name: David Case Costello

Codename: N/A

Age: 16 (though looks 18)

Pet (if any): N/A

Team Affiliation: none (but you might be able to persuade him)

Power(s): His mutation also grants him the power to teleport through inter-dimensional phase shifting vanishing from our dimension into another for a fraction of a second then reappearing instantaneously within our dimension in any pre-determined space within a limited two mile range or he is able to open portals following the same rule as his teleportation but with the plus side of being to store things in his own personal pocket dimension.
It also grants him advanced strength, respiration system (greater stamina), agility, reflexes, balance, the ability to cling to solid surfaces, naturally reinforced hollow bones (meaning they are x3 stronger than the normal while the hollow aspect makes him lighter and faster), night vision (during this his eye colour changes from blue to gold).
He also has a form of Molecular manipulation of any object he touches as long of something of equal value (particle wise). Basically it is the exact same as alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist but without the transmutation circles.

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 62kg

Hair colour: dark chocolate brown except in direct sunlight when it looks a hazel brown and at night when it looks black.

Hair length/style: a mix between a mop-top and a Curtained hair style

Eye colour: Blue

Skin/Ethnicity: Caucasian (but naturally light tanned)

Extra mutagenic features (Tails, wings, unnatural amount of fingers, toes, arms, etc.): he has elf like ears but are hidden by his hair and sharper teeth

Personality: He is quiet, noble, loyal, caring, humble, acts depressed, shy, timid, socially awkward (at the moment due to isolation),acts  level headed and is very over protective of his friends and those he considers close to him or in his mind a good person (if they are threatened he most likely acts rashly and become hot headed). He likes spicy food, mild weather, finding a new way to use a move. He dislikes bullies, bitter food and giving up (but will if he has to protect someone), when people doesn’t listen to him, being isolated due to a mild case of Monophobia. But when he opens up to a person he is care free and relaxed most of the time, and a bit of a smart ass and sometimes even cocky. He also has a strong since of justice and equality and never wants to harm another human or mutant.

Bio: He was born in Tallahassee Florida, but his family soon moved to Ann Arbour MI and lived a normal life until one day when he was 10 almost drowned after falling into a frozen river to try and retrieve a stuffed toy that belonged to his girl in his class after some bullies tossed it onto the ice. While being trapped under the ice in the water drowning he subconsciously teleported back to his bed room and ended flooding his room (to those who were wondering yes he got the stuffed toy and was able to toss it back to the girls before he fell under the ice). From that point on his life began to change, from subconsciously teleporting at random, changing things he touched at random times and being to see perfectly in the dark as well as his ears slowly became pointy. His parents got a divorce over him due to the fact his father wanted nothing to do with a mutant while his mother stood up for him and protected him, then their house was victimised when his father left to flaming bottles of vodka, graffiti, etc., etc.  Afterwards came the bullying at school which caused him to fall into depression awaking his ability to conjure portals or wormholes which he considered a curse due to the fact it was discovered it when his mother tried to comfort him her hand never touched him it just came out another portal and she ended up touching her own shoulder since that day he hasn’t been able to touch another person and vice versa. Seeing this caused his mother’s heart to break he ran away and got lost (this is how he developed Monophobia). He was found by a elderly mutant who had been mistaken for big foot a few years back and took David under his wing and over three years taught him to control his powers but even through all his training he still wasn’t able to remove the subconscious portals that were created that prevented him touching living things. Once these three years had passed the bigfoot lead him to the closest city where he now lives on the streets making money as an illegal street performer passing off his powers as magic tricks but at night he began acting like an vigilante and preventing crimes if he happened to pass one.
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