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 my charater bio

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PostSubject: my charater bio   Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:18 am


Codename: lightingboy


Pet (if any):

Team Affiliation: x-men

Power(s): has the power to control light darkness can travl trew time can not be affacted by rogue's powers unless taped on the back of the head
his weakness are the cold couse he is cold blooded rogue couse he has a huge crush on her he wears metal glroves to contral his powers and can only time travel for a hour or so at times his feelings for rogue make him act with out thinking witch can be a prablem in the felid or in the dranger room
becouse of his powers and his long friensdship with rgoue there minds are forever linked meaning he can find her where ever she is and the same goes for her but even there mind link can't shead any light on how he feels about her


Weight: 93 pounds

Hair color:black

Hair length/style: a rockstar main

Eye color:brown

Skin/Ethnicity: brown

Extra mutagenic features (Tails, wings, unnatural amount of fingers, toes, arms, etc.):big black wings

Personality: a very dark peronailty

Bio:the king of a very old race of mutants dating back to the romanen empry

my whole life you have alwas been my best friend then we fell in love and everything changed and now your out of my life and i'm lost without you.... from lightingboy to rogue

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PostSubject: Re: my charater bio   Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:08 pm

Too powerful. Kinda mary-sue-ish.
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my charater bio
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