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PostSubject: Daciana    Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:17 pm

Name: Daciana Rain Hatfield

Codename: N/A

Age: 21

Pet (if any): Eri, a mountain lion who acts as more of a surrogate mother than a pet

Team Affiliation: Neutral

Power(s): Daciana can create a mental bond with an animal by making direct eye contact, making it possible to speak with them and feel their emotions, though she cannot change them in any way. The bond stays as long as she is in a 100 mile radius with the animal. With some carnivorous, she has been known to copy a few of their instincts.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110

Hair color: Raven black

Hair length/style: Waist-length and normally left down and covering her missing left eye

Eye color: Violet

Skin/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Extra mutagenic features (Tails, wings, unnatural amount of fingers, toes, arms, etc.):

Personality: A bit of a shy person, Daciana feels that she's never one to fit in and prefers to stay hidden. She's a little self conscious, and sort of odd. She's normally a sweet, kind girl, though when angered, she has been known to bite someone, possibly due to her connection to animals.

Bio: Originally from Texas, Daciana moved with her family to New York around the time small dogs became popular. Her father had sold the store they'd had back home and used the money from it all to buy a little building towards the busier areas of town. They converted it into another pet store, using the apartment above it as their home. On a family vacation to Washington for the holidays and Daciana's thirteenth birthday, a mountain lion attacked her and her mother while they were hiking. Her mother was killed and the animal looked back at Daciana who was frozen in fear. It pounced and shredded her eye, both of its meet her one afterwards, and her thoughts of screaming for it not to hurt her scared it, before the animal decided to take the girl back to the city and hospitals.
Daciana has since forgiven the cat for trying to feed itself and convinced her father to get a liscence to keep her. Daciana keep the cat with her at all times as a friend and motherly figure, calling it Eri. Eri has been Daciana's protector for the five years since Mrs. Hatfield's death and is around seven years of age.
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PostSubject: your approved agina   Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:24 pm

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