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PostSubject: Alexander Orel   Alexander Orel I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 8:49 pm

Name: Alexander Orel

Codename: Surge

Age: 24

Team Affiliation: Undecided

Electrokenisis: Alex can manipulate the power of electricity, shooting lightning bolts, conducting it up non conductive surfaces, even causing existing electronic's sources of power to overload or summoning lightning from the sky. This uses the most power out of all of your ability's.

Absorption: The power that allows all of Alex's other ability's to flow. In order to use any other power you must have electricity to control. He can gain very little from eating, but in order to gain great amounts he must suck it from electronic's. You can even absorb bio electricity from other living things to power yourself, on a healthy opponent this can temporarily stun them, but on a greatly injured one it can kill.

Statickenisis: Alexander can turn your power into static, lifting up objects of great weight like cars in a short range of yourself or deflecting projectiles like bullet's with shields. You cannot use this and Electrokenisis at the same time.

Copy's: Alex can craft electricity into copy's of people.  With 2-3 he can make them look like other people and carry out complex tasks. Like speaking or even eating. But if he wants to make more, up to your limit of twenty then they will all look like you and be only capable of performing basic actions like walking or saying the same phrase. One good hit will cause them to disappear and be un recreatable for three posts. This uses hardly any power at all. They can shoot small amounts of electricity, nothing compared to what Alex can however.

Weaknesses: The electricity in his body is always looking to escape. Stepping in a puddle or walking outside when it is raining can hurt him. Falling into a pool of water can kill Alex especially if you are fully charged. In addition, just about all technology he touches that is not made special will go completely nuts. Alex can never hold a loaded gun without it firing, he can never drive a car that was made in the modern day, he can only drink small amounts of water. Alex feel flat out sick when away from electricity, like in nature or during a black out.

Height: 5"10

Weight: 184 ibs.

Hair color: Brown

Hair length/style: You keep your hair cut very short, you sport a five a clock shadow.

Eye color: Blue, glowing blue when charged.

Skin/Ethnicity: American, Caucasian.

Extra mutagen features: N/A

Personality: Alex has a very strong set of morals. He keeps from hurting people as much as he possibly can, he hates it when people with powers use them however they please. He feels that h has a responsibility to use his gift well. Even though he hates hit, hates the fact that he can't swim, brush his teeth with an electric brush, hold a phone not made in the 60's. If he had it his way he would have never gotten them. He drinks, has very few friends, and before he got powers he always assumed he would not amount to much. Now that he does, he knows it will only be a matter of time.

Bio: Raised in Seattle, Alex had a very typical life. His parent's were not to rich, not to poor. He heard story's about the gangs, but he never had to deal with them personally. He just barley graduated from High school, some of the lowest marks in the schools history. He never applied himself and dropped out of college to start a business. In three months it sunk like a leaky boat and his parent's were sick of his s***. So they cut him off. He did not let this stop him, he was unemployed for a while. One day he showed was walking to a job interview when the brotherhood kidnapped him right off the street. Their goal, to make him into a mutant. They succeeded.
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