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 basic rlues

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PostSubject: basic rlues   basic rlues I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 3:17 pm


Most of these rules are no doubt obvious. If you have read the rules on even a single other forum, you probably already know these. You probably know these without even reading this, as they are all fairly obvious.

[*]Respect the staff. Arguing with them and bickering over thigns will only make matters worse for yourself, and probably get you banned if you take it too far.
[*]Respect the other members. Insulting them and threatening them will only get you in trouble.
[*]Do not show vulgar or pornographic images or videos in the chat.
[*]Do not talk about vulgar, pornographic, or sex related things in the chatbox.
[*]No vulgar or derogatory usernames.
[*]No God-Modding, or GM for short. God Modding is controlling another persons character, or failing to allow them to act though your working. An example of this would be automatically hitting them without giving them a chance to evade in their posts. This is probably the biggest rule in roleplaying, even should you get away with it, no one will want to RP with a god-modder.
[*]No Meta-Gaming. Meta Gaming is the second biggest rule for roleplaying, and doing this will earn lots of disrespect, and open up your RP to a whole new host of issues. Meta Gaming is your character having, or acting based on, knowledge they should not have. This would be like who you are roleplaying with telling you what they plan to attack with next, and you using that Out of Character (OC) knowledge for In Character (IC) purposes, having your character magically predict exactly what they will do. It is wrong, and a huge problem. In addition to other things, big meta gaming issues can end up getting topics voided.
[*]Please keep cursing to reasonable limits. We don't need people using these words 5 times in every sentence. It's not much to ask, don't get carried away.
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basic rlues
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